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Shakti Women interviewed me!


Shakti Women interviewed me!

It was an awkward moment when I was asked to be interviewed. I’m always so eager to interview others and highlight their great works, but when the tables are turned I FROZE.

It took me a while to accept that people wanted to understand the woman who has got way too much to say, but in what has to be one of my most revealing interviews yet, I give a small window into who I am with the amazing SHAKTI WOMEN!



Mankind’s contribution


Mankind's contribution

What would life be like without man’s contributions or attempts to make life better. I mean what have we been provided with, and shouldn’t it be sufficient enough for us to get by. The more I began thinking about this the more I realised that sometimes our desires will lead us to nothing more than our destruction, because in the end, God gave us everything we need to get by.

I’ve spent so much time meditating and detoxing my life that the impacts have fine tuned the way I see the world. Juicing, Yoga, meditating, spending more time with the children have all made me realised that every now and then it is important we make sure that someone else’s desire to be successful, has not interfered with our own ability to access success.

I would rise with the sun, and get ready to sleep when the sun sets. I would eat only that which was in bloom or accessible to eat. I’d spend time cleaning and making my home and children more presentable. I’d read and learn about the lessons of life taught to us from the scriptures.

Common Problems
financial- money- Man-made
weight gain- from processed foods- man-made
War- Over what?- Man’s desire to own things
Racism- Mans desire to divide
Green house affect- Man made power sources

Just a thought
Just contemplating
Just Reflecting

The Silence that kills you, protects them!


The Silence that kills you, protects them!

Only the black sheep of the family, would really know how it feels when you’re own family turn their back on you. You become the ‘Billy Mitchell’ of the family, sometimes treated even worse. You’re laughed at, the last one to be told, the last one to be invited if not at all. You’re great achievements are belittled to nothing, as everyone else notices you but THEM.

For years I’ve battled with the idea that eventually we can resume happy families, but in the meantime my own family grows, and the questions begin as they see the injustices before them that they REFUSE to remain silent about.

Its the very thing that makes me who I am today. I’m able to speak to people and relate to THE SILENCE THAT KILLS YOU.

However my silence is now beckoning me to be released as I’m approached by media, students, publishers who want to know more about me. At night I meditate and meet the same wall again and again and again.

Faith and belief is charged by life’s new understanding to shift from one paradigm to another. What I’m presented with is fear of the unknown. Do I love myself enough to continue with this journey of self discovery that not only liberates me but others who have become spectators with their own secrets, anticipating my next move.

To be continued….

Car Jacking in Sparkbrook!


Car Jacking in Sparkbrook!

A sister told me she had her car jacked in addition to been strangled with her scarf by two Asian lads in their 20’s. I’ll try to remain calm as I write this post but REALLY! The evilness of this is beyond my ability to convey in words at present.

Immediately I thought GRAND THEFT AUTO MENTALITY clearly, drug addicts, were they from a MUSLIM, what is happening to our communities?

The police relayed the same thing had happened days previously where a child was in the car. The filth realised this and left the child on the ROAD!

I’m overcome with emotion, not only cos this happened to someone I love but because I feel helpless learning very quickly about the evils that are unfolding within an area that I was raised in!

I urge Parents to acknowledge what their children are involved in and to seek help if they don’t quite know what to do. There are organisations that are their to help with many issues, like poverty or drug abuse!

I know parents are scared of their children in some cases, but again help is out there.

May Allah Expose these filthy evil youth Ameen!

Warning to all sisters, please look around you at all times and carry essentials to protect yourself in light of this happening.

May Allah Protect us and our families from harm Ameen!

Poetic Therapy


Poetic Therapy

I just got back from an amazing night of poetry @beatfreeks ‘level up’. Some parts made me smile, some parts made me sad as I was showered with a symphony of words that resonated with my soul.

I sat with pure admiration as various performers took to the stage and began gracing us with an orchestra of words leaving nothing but tantalising impacts as each sentence left the audience mesmerised.

I’ve only recently entered the world where words are transformed into personifications of an unspoken dialogue we aren’t usually met with on a day to day basis. The art of love, the grazes of love and the war of love all take part in this performance fuelled with nothing but passion.

Life has bestowed upon me many episodes which leave me empty or restless not knowing what or where to relieve these injustices, but today I felt resolve. Coming home fuelled with inspiration to begin releasing the stories that do not need answers, but are in need of acceptance.

Culture has imprisoned me for far too long, and the universe is calling. Watch this space!

This blog is dedicated to Beatfreeks for a fantastic night

Poetry is not just a bunch of words!

Part 2 The Good News


Part 2 The Good News

As she was about to leave the food shop, she screamed because she thought she seen a mouse. The three brothers came running out tooled up! “You ok sister what happened”?

This was the news related to me from my dear sister who only the other day experienced a horrific encounter with Muslims that left her traumatised.

On this occasion she was buzzing, “Its good to know that my race didn’t stop them from running to my aid Mashallah, and they obviously acknowledged I’m Muslim by constantly referring to me as Sister”.

Allah only knows how happy I was to hear this, although the sister is still recovering from her fall, clearly Allah restored her belief in majority of Muslims around her, that been, “WE’RE NOT ALL THE SAME”!