Is she a Muslimah Role Model?


Is she a Muslimah Role Model?

They were sitting outside their Madrasah, young Muslim girls, between 10-16 yrs old I’d say. I there and then said, “Who is your Muslim Female Role Model”. I was met with silence, “How about a male one”? They responded quickly and full of joy “Maher Zain, no Zain Bhikah”! This lead me to my final question, “Who is your female role model then”? The answers shocked me, as they started telling me Beyonce, Rhianna, and definitely were at the top of their list.

It seems the vital ingredient for being a role model is associated with the way you look and how good you leave people feeling. This discovery left me feeling really saddened as I quickly anticipated how lost these young girls would feel at time as their conflict of interest widened.

This is what has lead me to do the MRM campaign, which consists of a Facebook page, website, twitter and you tube account, all with one goal in mind. Creating a platform for Muslimah Role Models who acquire their title fuelled by nothing but roving reports from different sisters expressing how these MRM’s make them feel.

So this leads me to my final point, Is she a Muslimah Role Model? And the only way you can find out is by going to the site and seeing who has already attained the title and place.

May Allah continue to bless our ummah with Strong sisters who can help blow a way the dark clouds that shadow over the identity of the Muslim Woman Ameen


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