Poetic Therapy


Poetic Therapy

I just got back from an amazing night of poetry @beatfreeks ‘level up’. Some parts made me smile, some parts made me sad as I was showered with a symphony of words that resonated with my soul.

I sat with pure admiration as various performers took to the stage and began gracing us with an orchestra of words leaving nothing but tantalising impacts as each sentence left the audience mesmerised.

I’ve only recently entered the world where words are transformed into personifications of an unspoken dialogue we aren’t usually met with on a day to day basis. The art of love, the grazes of love and the war of love all take part in this performance fuelled with nothing but passion.

Life has bestowed upon me many episodes which leave me empty or restless not knowing what or where to relieve these injustices, but today I felt resolve. Coming home fuelled with inspiration to begin releasing the stories that do not need answers, but are in need of acceptance.

Culture has imprisoned me for far too long, and the universe is calling. Watch this space!

This blog is dedicated to Beatfreeks for a fantastic night

Poetry is not just a bunch of words!


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