Car Jacking in Sparkbrook!


Car Jacking in Sparkbrook!

A sister told me she had her car jacked in addition to been strangled with her scarf by two Asian lads in their 20’s. I’ll try to remain calm as I write this post but REALLY! The evilness of this is beyond my ability to convey in words at present.

Immediately I thought GRAND THEFT AUTO MENTALITY clearly, drug addicts, were they from a MUSLIM, what is happening to our communities?

The police relayed the same thing had happened days previously where a child was in the car. The filth realised this and left the child on the ROAD!

I’m overcome with emotion, not only cos this happened to someone I love but because I feel helpless learning very quickly about the evils that are unfolding within an area that I was raised in!

I urge Parents to acknowledge what their children are involved in and to seek help if they don’t quite know what to do. There are organisations that are their to help with many issues, like poverty or drug abuse!

I know parents are scared of their children in some cases, but again help is out there.

May Allah Expose these filthy evil youth Ameen!

Warning to all sisters, please look around you at all times and carry essentials to protect yourself in light of this happening.

May Allah Protect us and our families from harm Ameen!


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