The Silence that kills you, protects them!


The Silence that kills you, protects them!

Only the black sheep of the family, would really know how it feels when you’re own family turn their back on you. You become the ‘Billy Mitchell’ of the family, sometimes treated even worse. You’re laughed at, the last one to be told, the last one to be invited if not at all. You’re great achievements are belittled to nothing, as everyone else notices you but THEM.

For years I’ve battled with the idea that eventually we can resume happy families, but in the meantime my own family grows, and the questions begin as they see the injustices before them that they REFUSE to remain silent about.

Its the very thing that makes me who I am today. I’m able to speak to people and relate to THE SILENCE THAT KILLS YOU.

However my silence is now beckoning me to be released as I’m approached by media, students, publishers who want to know more about me. At night I meditate and meet the same wall again and again and again.

Faith and belief is charged by life’s new understanding to shift from one paradigm to another. What I’m presented with is fear of the unknown. Do I love myself enough to continue with this journey of self discovery that not only liberates me but others who have become spectators with their own secrets, anticipating my next move.

To be continued….


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