Mankind’s contribution


Mankind's contribution

What would life be like without man’s contributions or attempts to make life better. I mean what have we been provided with, and shouldn’t it be sufficient enough for us to get by. The more I began thinking about this the more I realised that sometimes our desires will lead us to nothing more than our destruction, because in the end, God gave us everything we need to get by.

I’ve spent so much time meditating and detoxing my life that the impacts have fine tuned the way I see the world. Juicing, Yoga, meditating, spending more time with the children have all made me realised that every now and then it is important we make sure that someone else’s desire to be successful, has not interfered with our own ability to access success.

I would rise with the sun, and get ready to sleep when the sun sets. I would eat only that which was in bloom or accessible to eat. I’d spend time cleaning and making my home and children more presentable. I’d read and learn about the lessons of life taught to us from the scriptures.

Common Problems
financial- money- Man-made
weight gain- from processed foods- man-made
War- Over what?- Man’s desire to own things
Racism- Mans desire to divide
Green house affect- Man made power sources

Just a thought
Just contemplating
Just Reflecting


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