Distractions and life on a budget


Distractions and life on a budget

I woke up to no gas, and as I pottered around the house getting the kids ready I remembered the rent hadn’t been paid. The day hadn’t even started so off I went adding new things to my already existing checklist.

I jumped into the car to drop off my daughter and lo and behold just when I think things ain’t bad enough, my petrol light pops on. Do you feel my pain?

Quite recently I have resorted to giving my home a makeover, not the painting kind but the clearing out, cleaning and organising type. Everything down to my socks are now neatly folded away ironed and smelling of Lavender.

As I went through clothes and books I realised how unnecessary a lot of the things were, and most importantly how quickly the shelf life expired. Children grow and so do their desires to play with particular things.

This approach to addressing what was in my control gave me a much firmer grip on financial matters that jump out at you when you are not expecting it.

Where there is a will there is a way, and as I often speak to people about been successful in life I thought I’d share this post to help others understand that ‘displacement activity’ is nothing more than a distraction from focusing on the things that really matter.

Don’t waste your time and kid yourself about doing well whilst everything around you crumbles because you didn’t value what you had in the first place.

Life on a budget isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible, 🙂


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