Are Salafi’s the problem or a small group of people?


Are Salafi's the problem or a small group of people?

I guess most communities have their secrets, but its when those secrets breach peoples well being that we must choose to speak out.

In the books, it all sounds perfect, the way it should be, but the reality is far from the truth. Stories over time have continued to emerge where women either break down or declare they have abandoned As Salafiah. I’d like to highlight in this post how a small group of people have succeeded to ruin the name of As Salafi because of their failure to manage a community without the interference of their own desires and Jahil (past of ignorance) ways.

Stories that have been related from this small community are as follows:
Brothers marrying and divorcing women, having two or three wives on rotation, when they can’t even manage one. Sisters refusing to give salaams to sisters who do not behave or dress a certain way. Children been sent to schools that are clearly unable to do children justice delivering them with a balanced education. Marriages in secret, sexually transmitted diseases going around, families splitting up!

Like many, when I began to see these issues from the community I once affiliated myself with, I found myself retreating to my home. There I continued to feed my hunger for spiritual enlightenment from books.

Eventually a time came where I felt the need to defend the veil, something strongly associated with the Salafi Sect. I learnt through various journalists how far the reputation of this group had spread. It saddened me as I feel nothing but love for As Salafiyah as it is clear in how we approach our Religion of Al Islam, but contending with this reputation was nothing but exhausting.

The happy ending for me is slowly but surely Allah has presented me with the company of those who still choose to adhere to As Salafiyah but in a way that resonates the beauty of how Allah’s 99 names apply to our lives as Muslims.

In the meantime I can only pray that in time the leaders of this community will either be guided or replaced with those that can do what needs to be done. And the media give these brothers and sisters a platform to amend the reputation of a group of Muslims that are not extreme just having ‘Silent Revolutions’ In sha Allah.


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  1. Brother Yousha Evans Inspire me alot,and I see him talking most of time about Salaf. I Living in Pakistan was Unware of what is Salaf,i googled and it showed,Salaf are those people who Follow Islam to the times of 3rd generation after Mohammad S.A.W ,1st Mohammad S.A.W,then Companions,Then the next generation as Tabe ,Tabi and then Tabeen,i can be wrong cox it was along ago,ANd i agree to that,this is the perfect ISlam,nothing changed init,Everything the way it was Told,But then i read Surah Al-Imran .
    “And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided.” Verse 103,to which Zakir Naik Interprets donot be divided as Shia,Suni,Wahabi,Deobandi,Qadri ,Salafi And So on.Just be A Muslim.And i think Salafi Are Authentic and follow Quran and Sunnah,But this is the defination of a Muslim,So why call Salafi and make a sect instead call your self a Muslim

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