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My Juicing Journey


Its Day 5 and after many battles with my desire to ignore what I know all too well is good for me I’ve finally found something that gives me some control over my eating habits.

We all know we are meant to drink plenty water, exercise and eat well to loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle but I have struggled to implement this into my lifestyle.

Watching a video by Dr Robert Young inspired me as there was something he said that really hit home and that was that “Rather than give up your cravings, they will gradually give you up”!

Its been 5 days in and I applied this concept juicing every morning to start my day and continuing to eat as I normally would. I’ve already noticed that not only has my desire to binge or eat sweet stuff diminished but my energy levels have also increased. This has meant that where I usually cringe at the thought of exercising I now feel so energised that by the end of my day I still have enough energy to introduce a gentle exercise into my routine.

Every time I juice I feel anxious as the thought of knocking back what I’m telling myself will be a drink that taste vile instead greets me with a pleasant taste. My body clearly is ready for this drink filled with the very nutrients I miss out on.

Sugar is very addictive, and rather than preparing myself to stop eating foods I enjoy, I’ve found committing to this habit of knocking back my 5 a day in one go has really benefited me.

I really hope this blog/vlog will inspire others to do the right thing, please share with me if you do take on a juicing journey in your life 🙂


Vote for me, the cheek of some!


Vote for me, the cheek of some!

Today a leaflet got handed to me, “vote for this person” the person said to me. Now usually I wouldn’t have been bothered cause I never vote, but on this occasion I was.

Over time I’ve slowly learnt about the value of the vote, especially as I see the reality of restrictions or opportunities that can be part of my life based on what was once never given. People fought for it, and there was a time when dependant on your gender and race you also never had a chance.

Today the only thing left to argue in opening opportunities for people to vote has now become a discussion about age and how young one should be. But whilst that availabilty develops its has surely been brought to my attention that today I have an opportunity to be part of a bigger picture.

Some things are in my control and unfortunately there are other things that I may also like to be under my control but are restricted. So rather than be totally deflated I now choose to give my little power to those that care. And for me it wont be someone who happens to be on a piece of paper handed to me, no! Rather I’ll vote for the one who knocked my door, and cared enough to ask me how I was and what I’d like to change.

If you belong to a culture where you don’t even know what happens to your vote or you don’t care, then I urge you to change the way you think and reconsider.

In the meantime, the one who cared enough to knock my door, knows who I’ll be voting for 🙂

The Other Woman and Polygany


The Other Woman and Polygany

In the space of 2 days I’ve watched the movie ‘The Other Woman’ which was totally a hit, and I’ve also participated in a marriage event. How do the two come together you wonder? Well I wouldn’t usually dream of entertaining this topic however quite recently I finished a conversation with a young man who hit the subject home.

At the marriage events I myself was taken back by how many beautiful sisters were, divorced with children, at the event. Their beauty of character and appearance seemed to shine amongst others who were clearly very young but ready for marriage. I sat at my table and continued to see a rotation of brothers grace me and a few other sisters with their presence.

At the end of the event I mingled with the sisters and asked a few whether they would consider being second wives as clearly a lot of the brothers at these events were either too young or first timer’s in the quest for love and were not interested in marrying divorced women. Their response was clear as I was met with a choir of, No’s.

I then contemplated on how many women who were happily married would be prepared to encourage their husbands to marry again. In addition to this my conversation that I embarked upon with a young man was in the following context. I had mentioned how astounded our beloved Prophet Muhammed SAW really was as not only did he Marry for the FIRST TIME to a DIVORCED WOMAN, but Khadijah RA was 15 years older than him. The brother defended his position by stating that there is much difficulty in attaining this level of character, not only for men but also for women, he stated the example of presenting the divorced woman with the opportunity of being a second wife. The Point is it seems, everybody struggles with the concept of sharing or been ‘SECONDS’.

Thinking back to the movie ‘The Other Woman’, I reminised on how many times I’d spoken to girls who where either fully aware that they were ‘The Other Woman’, or played dumb almost holding onto some dignity of claiming ‘The wifey’ award when everybody knew she was one of many.

Islam of course gives the green light to this practice, and whilst many find difficulty in swallowing this pill, I wonder how long it will be before this foreign practice becomes very familiar indeed.

The personal advert: Seeking Partner to fulfil the dream!


On the topic of looking for love…

Sharon Thompson, JP

I was having a conversation with a male friend some months back about the whole dating game, and how hard he finds it connecting with the right woman. Now, at first I thought we were entering into a Fred Flinstone cave man conversation; ‘man feh lead’, pinnies and aprons or just a string of complaints about the independent woman. As it goes the conversation had me agreeing on some points about the wish list often created by women in pursuit of happiness. The conversation was really interesting and inspired me to write this blog about the personal advert!

“A real man”

Once we have hit a place of experience and maturity most women have a good sense of what their knight in shining armour should represent to them. This is usually characterised by values, interests and testosterone levels! The image is set, wish list complied and for some there is…

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Was it my fault?


Was it my fault?

Apparently it was my fault he hurt me! Sitting in the hospital I pondered over the many questions that ran through my mind at 200 miles per hour. The hospital staff gave me that look as I relayed them my story, “I fell”.

Looking back I reflect on how I tried to reach out to many people about my abuse, which at the time I myself didn’t recognise. So my stories didn’t sound like, “help me I’m been abused”, rather it sounded like, “Can you believe he did that to me”!

The abuse cast a very big cloud of darkness over my soul, and behind my big smile when all was quite the wounds would feel as though they were torn open, and I’d have to face the reality of my sorrow.

Through my sorrow my conscience struggled to understand why people didn’t respond to the seriousness of the matter in the first place. A couple of days after the abuse I lost my baby, and although I was only in the first trimester I was overcome with grief and guilt questioning whether it was my fault the pregnancy hadn’t been completed. I guess I wanted to be able to blame someone for not taking responsibility of the situation.

Time is a healer they say, and sure enough as time passed I began to heal. The more I grew to love myself, the more I had to revisit whether or not I had forgiven the one that was meant to protect me while I was his wife.

Finally the time came where I looked around and realised the silence of abuse does nothing to help provide solutions to the many webs of communities that fail to protect the victims of this atrocious disease of the heart and mind. I have stopped looking for others to take responsibility and now take full charge of speaking out against this act. “Allah does not change the state of a people until they change themselves”. I turned to people to help me, but in doing so I discovered the many injustices that exist and interrupt the process to establish healthy relationships.

Was it my fault? I’ll let you answer that, but in the meant time I’m very ready to deliver talks on this topic addressing my healing process and the many initiatives I’m involved in to help women learn how to live and not just survive.