Vote for me, the cheek of some!


Vote for me, the cheek of some!

Today a leaflet got handed to me, “vote for this person” the person said to me. Now usually I wouldn’t have been bothered cause I never vote, but on this occasion I was.

Over time I’ve slowly learnt about the value of the vote, especially as I see the reality of restrictions or opportunities that can be part of my life based on what was once never given. People fought for it, and there was a time when dependant on your gender and race you also never had a chance.

Today the only thing left to argue in opening opportunities for people to vote has now become a discussion about age and how young one should be. But whilst that availabilty develops its has surely been brought to my attention that today I have an opportunity to be part of a bigger picture.

Some things are in my control and unfortunately there are other things that I may also like to be under my control but are restricted. So rather than be totally deflated I now choose to give my little power to those that care. And for me it wont be someone who happens to be on a piece of paper handed to me, no! Rather I’ll vote for the one who knocked my door, and cared enough to ask me how I was and what I’d like to change.

If you belong to a culture where you don’t even know what happens to your vote or you don’t care, then I urge you to change the way you think and reconsider.

In the meantime, the one who cared enough to knock my door, knows who I’ll be voting for 🙂


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