My Juicing Journey


Its Day 5 and after many battles with my desire to ignore what I know all too well is good for me I’ve finally found something that gives me some control over my eating habits.

We all know we are meant to drink plenty water, exercise and eat well to loose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle but I have struggled to implement this into my lifestyle.

Watching a video by Dr Robert Young inspired me as there was something he said that really hit home and that was that “Rather than give up your cravings, they will gradually give you up”!

Its been 5 days in and I applied this concept juicing every morning to start my day and continuing to eat as I normally would. I’ve already noticed that not only has my desire to binge or eat sweet stuff diminished but my energy levels have also increased. This has meant that where I usually cringe at the thought of exercising I now feel so energised that by the end of my day I still have enough energy to introduce a gentle exercise into my routine.

Every time I juice I feel anxious as the thought of knocking back what I’m telling myself will be a drink that taste vile instead greets me with a pleasant taste. My body clearly is ready for this drink filled with the very nutrients I miss out on.

Sugar is very addictive, and rather than preparing myself to stop eating foods I enjoy, I’ve found committing to this habit of knocking back my 5 a day in one go has really benefited me.

I really hope this blog/vlog will inspire others to do the right thing, please share with me if you do take on a juicing journey in your life 🙂


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