Sexual Abuse- Where do I start Part 1


Sexual Abuse- Where do I start Part 1

The brother abused his sister, the uncle abused his niece, the father abused his daughter, the cousins abused him, the imam abused the student. The amount of calls I receive on this topic are endless. I’ve remained silent on this issue for quite a while now trying to figure out how I approach it, but enough is enough.

Firstly if you’ve been abused I hope it is clear to you by now that you have nothing to be ashamed of, rather it is those that took part in making you feel as though this abuse was nothing more than a slap on the wrist and you should get over it that should really be ashamed.

Secondly to the family that finds out about the abuse- It is important to know that how a family responds can either aid the victim to make a quicker recovery, but if not managed correctly, the way a family respond can set the victim back further more.

My delay in addressing this topic has been due to me wanting to do a radio show that not only raises the topic but has the right people on offering support from different aspects.

Although sexual abuse is more common with girls, boys are also at risk of been abused, and in some cases I’ve heard that more that one person has taken part in this vicious crime.

It seems many want me to raise this issue on my show and in blogs so I’ll try my best to address it the way it should. If you would like support or to inform me of any organisations that help others please email and you will be contacted God Willing


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  1. Who will really abuse these girls ? It will be the same young boys that grow up with the girls. Protect boys and you will protect girls.

  2. Assalam alaiykum sister just a word of advice
    U Must fear Allah swt as you seem to love the public life as you went on tv to represent da niqab n now u dont seem to be wearing it now. I’m am not da only one to notice thing. Allah swt reveals da person
    N shockingly u were singing a Michael Jackson song in a church in balsall Heath with men n women which ws printed in the Heathen.
    How can u justify dis behaviour to ur creator
    Is it permissible for a muslimah to do this
    We must all be vigilant dat we do not do da actions of the hypocrites
    Please stop making a fool out of urself n stop acting like a joker on da radio
    U talk about Allah swt but r u pleasing him
    May Allah swt guide Us all

    • wa laikum salaam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu my dearest sis jazza killahu khayran for stopping by the post. As for your comment I’m disappointed to see how you have approached this matter. I will therefore remain silent as I feel you should have done in the first place. May Allah soften our hearts and tongues and give us hikmah in how we deal with one another Ameen

      • Public admonishment is not correct but neither is the way you seem to be using the banner of “Islam” for personal gain. You need to sincerely question your motives or at the very least refer to a person with correct knowledge.

      • I’m not publicly admonishing anyone in this post brother, I’m highlighting that their are some serious issues that need addressing in our communities in sha Allah
        Jazza khalahu khayran for taking time out to read my post and comment, May Allah aid us to continue giving Naseeha to our brothers and Sisters in a manner that resembles our beloved Prophet Muhammed Peace and Blessings be upon him

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