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Boycotting limits their power!


This morning I got back from an interview, I was brought to tears as I placed the headphones over my ears to learn of how the BBC were reporting what is happening in Gaza. While a massacre takes place, or another ethnic cleansing attack on Muslims is present, a video appeared on social media with Michael Gove declaring he is a zionist.

I cried because on the one hand I didn’t want to aid an organisation in reporting whilst they display what seems to be a very biased approach. However I don’t believe everyone who works at BBC agrees, and whist I acknowledge this is wrong also I acknowledge that I must continue to stand up for what I believe in at any given opportunity to declare the truth about Islamaphobia and look for those that present me with that platform.

Innocent people who take no part in this spiritual warfare because they see no value in it, float along in a collective consciousness shaped by those with the power to inject beliefs fuelled by pure evil.

Everyone is on a journey and while some figure out what is governing their every move some are non the wiser till the awareness is presented to them by different means. Are you been controlled or in control, that is the question.

Boycotting limits a power yes, but while we invest our energy in that we loose sight of what we should really want to achieve when we acknowledge we wish to have no part in those that promote the discrimination of people just because of their beliefs, (Trojan Horse).

Democracy should be about a social consensus achieved through a collective consciousness that protects the rights of humans with no discrimination of creed, race, sex, religion and so on. Limitations should only be imposed where someone beliefs pose to be a harm to the self or those around them.