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A survey about Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse


I only need a hundred responses in a survey I’ve done. It takes 10 seconds I’d really appreciate it if you could fill it out. Thanks
Shalina Litt

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Why I’m in the papers



In the space of a month I’ve had the opportunity to be featured in Sisters Mag, Shakti Women (women to watch), Brit Asia TV, Asian World Newspaper and quite recently Eastern Eye Newspaper. Although my public work was more of the attraction I chose to extend this opportunity further in the hope of achieving something greater than anticipated.

From as early as I can remember, abuse has always challenged me to move forward. For years I’d go to counsellors trying to get to the root of my misery in the hope of achieving my happy every after. Never did I stop and acknowledge what exactly I was hoping to gain.

I remember the moment it all dawned on me. I was curled up in a ball, sleepless, speechless, lifeless. I took out a book that I’d bought and open it up. I smoothed out its brand new pages, ‘The Free Writing Journal’, I took a deep breath and began writing.

3 Years later I make it my living to go out to schools and teach children about Identity and Abuse, both areas of my life that had me falling into black holes of despair and misery. I had to be a clown before I could retire from the stage and return in full glory embracing every part of me good and bad.

When I take to the stage many wriggle in their seats, puzzled by appearance, curious as to whether I can do what I claim. Singing is what I do, and alongside my own joy I appear to have captured the emotions of my audience. In doing so I share one of the darkest parts of my life in the hope that others can find the light a lot sooner than I.

I am Shalina
I am a Muslim
I am a Woman
I am a single mother
I am British
I am an Artist

Allahu Akbar (God is the Greatest)

Crisis Analysis: When Divorce Brings Freedom


I was given the amazing opportunity to share my journey after divorce. Check it out 🙂

Lexical Scribe


As the opening entry to our Crisis Analysis series: The Divorced Muslim Woman, we talk to Shalina Litt. Shalina is a Muslimah who found both strength and freedom through her divorce. Unfortunately, most divorces are seen as a breakdown of marriage resulting from faults on both sides. Now, whilst this may be the case in some divorces, it is not the truth for all. 

Shalina shares her story – how walking away from her marriage lead her to start an exciting new chapter in her life…

Getting Divorced Was The Best Thing I Ever Did
Shalina Litt

If I told you he stamped on my head and I still stayed married to him, you’d think I was crazy.  What did it take for me to finally walk away? I lost my baby. For me, that was when the case was closed. I asked for my khula [divorce], full of emotion. At…

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