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A year in the life of Shalina Litt 2014 what did I achieve then?


Facebook has almost become like a visual diary for me, so immediately when I thought about recollecting my events over the year I headed straight for it.  So it looked something like this:


  • I took my first selfie!
  • I did my first Video Blog
  • I discovered Brendon Buchard (if you don’t know who he is check him out :))
  • I was featured in Marie Claire Magazine
  • BBC World News about Hijab


  • Read Foundation Tea Party
  • Attended my first WOMENS NETWORKING HUB
  • I had the pleasure of been at the Oxford Union to be featured on Al Jazeera TV ‘Head to Head’ with host Mehdi Hassan who was interviewing Mona Eltahway


  • Finished delivering a talk to South Birmingham College courtesy of Muslim Women’s Network with Salma Bi Event Entitled Muslimah role models
  • I put up my Selfie with no make up courtesy of a nomination from sister Sadi 🙂
  • My son was given a surprise party by his mommy


  • Attended the screening of my good friends movie
  • Appeared on Sumaira Farukh’s TV Show on PTV and Channel 99


  • Attended Muslim Womens Network Event about Mental Health
  • Went leaflet posting to Support Sharon Thompson my good time friend


  • Attended a Balsall Heath Forum Event where I sang ‘Man in the Mirror’ and was presented with an award
  • Attended the ‘I AM ME’ Event hosted by Apache Indian with an old school friend
  • Delivered a talk at Saltley School and sang to the school leavers
  • Celebrated eid with Sharleen West and did my famous commentary of Coventry Rd rubbish
  • NTR aired a documentary did about me been a woman in Islam


  • Hosted Human Appeal Charity Appeal on Unity FM
  • Read Foundation Charity Appeal on Unity FM
  • Attended the Palestine Protest
  • Delivered a speech for Sakinah Counselling Alongside the London Dawah Boys
  • Organised a Birmingham Event for Sakinah Counselling at La Favourita’s
  • Celebrated Eid
  • BBC Radio Ulster Talking alongside Taj Hargeys Niqab Ban Caimpaign article in the Daily Mail


  • I did the Soil Bucket challenge for Gaza
  • Appeared in Asian World Newspaper
  • Appeared in Eastern Eye Newspaper
  • I met Betty Makoni at the Womens Peace Meeting


  • Brit Asia TV about Islamaphobia with Sanya Gardez


  • Left Unity FM
  • Invited to Qatar


  • Attended my best friends wedding
  • Big Sleep Out


  • Boys to men concert
  • Launched Special Madrasahs
  • Sky News

Its been a busy year so it seems! I look forward to 2015 where I hope that my evolution of self will continue to be a benefit to those around me God Willing

Big thanks to those who have given me so many blessed opportunities for 2014 you know who you are!

Peace Out

Shalina Litt