Monthly Archives: October 2016

Your Pain has a purpose.


How liberating is it to look back at a trial or tribulation you were going through, and acknowledge that you made it through.  You feel the beginning of something new grow inside of you that you thought was never possible to exist.  But all along it was there, and it wouldn’t have become without the hardship you encountered.

How beautiful is it, to thank your Lord, and develop the strength to forgive.  To look the people in the face that were a part of a time in your life, when they could have been there to pick you up, but they didn’t.  Instead those people you thought would help you up, stood and watched.  Some of them were tired of picking you up and wanted you to do it for yourself, whilst others merely stood back satisfied to see you struggle as they had predicted or prayed for.

You can forgive them because in the absence of their help, you learnt the greatest gift of all, that you can help yourself.  And you can thank your Lord, because you can see, that if this hardship hadn’t have existed, you wouldn’t reap the benefits of the person you are today.

Today I’m surrounded with people who are beautified through their speech and actions.  They ooze positivity and love, walking around leaving their presence like a beautiful scent in the air.  People like this embrace hardship through patience and prayer knowing the struggle will only prolong the hardship.  Whilst the prayer and patience will allow the reason for the hardship to manifest, and another lesson of life to unfold.

As I’m blessed with another year these are my reflections.  I give thanks for the people and the experiences that allow me to grow and share where I can.


God is Good God is Great

With Love your Sister