Monthly Archives: July 2017

Do not silence your greatness, tame it!


Raising children reminds me how clear our needs and wants are at an early age.  But then there are many factors that come along to change that, and all of a sudden that statement “I know what I want in life?”, becomes, “I’m not sure what I want anymore”.

In the midst of many messages we are delivered from parents, media and other sources imposing their beliefs about what life should be about, our own beliefs can begin to get lost.

Some of us hold on to who we are when our innate ambition is preserved and we go for gold.  Whilst others slowly disappear into the crowd of people that felt dreaming would be enough.

Approaching near the age of 40 years old (God Willing) I’ve arrived at a point in my life where my own goals seems more apparent then ever, and with the feeling of the clock been against me, I’ve an urgency to achieve those goals.

My daughter is a constant reminder of how fierce our determination can be when we set our hearts on something.  And whilst a part of me struggles to tolerate her manners sometimes, I try my best to correct her so as to protect her esteem.  I often see parents shouting at their children ordering them around.  I know everyone is different, and whilst I’m guilty of doing this AT TIMES, I do try my best to teach my kids that its not what they what, its how they go about getting it.

So while I focus on preparing my children for success, I am constantly reminded that the greatest way I can give my children this idea, is if I practice exactly what it takes to achieve my goals.  So what they are surrounded with are goals and action plans,  so we hold on to the true question in life we must alway revisit, so we do not end up chasing someone else dream or idea of what it is to be happy!