I am a Radio Presenter for Unity FM 93.5. In addition to this I freelance as an early years practitioner offering support and advice to parents about raising children.

A bit about me
Since the age of 15 I was a Recording Artist.  I then attained a BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies.  Not long after this, I reverted to Islam.  the combination of these expereince has propelled me into to an arena where I can share my experiences and wisdom gained to contribute and motivate people who want to move forward in life.

As a Recording Artist I was able to work alongside many main stream artists.  This put me in a position where I learnt about song composition and what aids its success.

Becoming a mother led me to gaining my BA hons in Early Childhood Studies, this broadened my understanding and awareness of the famous question ‘who am I’.

I embraced Islam in 2008 whereby an amalgamation of all the above led me to where I am.

In a time where children’s special needs are increasing due to emotional, behavioural and physiological difficulties, I found myself naturally being attracted to offering support to parents who want manage their own lives and families in the best of ways they know possible.  Through different interventions such as one to one consultations, whole group training, I’ve been able to support parents and children to overcome these difficulties.

Contact me via email for more info iamshalina@live.co.uk


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    • Ameen sis, thanks a lot for taking time out to learn about me. I look forward to more of your blogs though that are equally amazing as is your energy Mashallah Bless!

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