In April 2012 I appeared on ‘The One Show’ by BBC discussing the Ban of the Niqaab in France.  Immediately after this I was invited onto ‘Day Break TV’ by ITV to discuss the topic further.

I was then invited by Unity FM to debate with MP Phillip Hollobone about an incident that happened in Manchester, whereby a mother was asked to remove her niqaab (Face covering).  You can hear this interview in the link provided as follows:

I did interviews on BBC live 5 with Chris Warburton and BBC WM Arshia Riaz about Islamphobic attacks I’d received after the Woolwich Murder took place in May 2013.

On the 16th September I was invited to discuss the veil about a judge who ruled a woman should lift her veil when giving evidence. These interviews were with ITV news, Shelagh Fogarty(BBC Radio 5 live) and Eddie Foster (BBC London)

BBC News

newspapers articles (Huffington Post UK) (Radio Free Europe) (Independent)

BBC News

Sunday Morning Live (BBC)

Radio 4 Today

IBS Times

Yahoo News

ARD TV (German)

Sky news

Channel 4 news

CBC Canadian Broadcasting Channel

Marie Claire Magazine (Jan 2014)

Al Jazeera TV (Feb 2014)

June 2014

NTR Documentary in the Netherlands

July 2014

BBC Radio Ulster Talking alongside Taj Hargeys Niqab Ban Caimpaign article in the Daily Mail

August 2014

Brit Asia TV on Broken Silence talking Islamaphobia

Asian World Newspaper about Abuse and Singing Career

Eastern Eye Newspaper about Abuse and Singing Career

Sisters Magazine Lexicon WordPress about Divorce


January- BMTV– talking about my singing on ‘Sisters Hour’ and ‘Urban Spirit

Febuary- Newstyle Radio with Tia Maria talking about Domestic Violence

July- BBC WM Radio on Paul Franks Show talking about fasting in Ramadan

August- BMTV talking about sexual abuse in the Muslim Community

I try my best to put across the point of view that Islam is not something that arrives with someone from another country.  Rather it is a spiritual journey that one embarks upon.  It is very unfortunate that many people do not have clarity about this misconception which is often fuelled by media.  I can only choose to be part of the solution rather than a problem and provide people who are open to understand this. I believe we should educate people to accept other people’s difference rather than discriminate or force people to change something because we don’t understand or feel uncomfortable with.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this.

Peace and Blessings



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