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Can mommy be daddy?


From very early on we are given a strong idea of what a family looks like, and it usually consists of mommy, daddy, brother and sister.  This idea is pushed via movies, books and everyday life deceiving us in to believing that happily ever after can only exist in this scenario, but what happens when it don’t turn out that way?

The answer is evident and is taking place all over the world, in Britain alone there are 2 million single parents!  Unfortunately most of these single parents are women who are forced to make tough decisions, either swim against the current or get swept away leading you to one destination which is often one with poor life chances.

Now the dynamics of single parents is vast because of course as we started to tackle these high numbers we first have to clarify how single these parents are.  What I mean here is when parents are successful at establishing good co parenting despite separation we can quickly anticipate the well being of the child.  But when it all goes wrong and communication can’t be established it is unfortunate that the only one that suffers is the child who is in no way deserving of this outcome.

In the absence of the father, mothers are forced to be both mommy and daddy, not only taking on the goodie and baddie role’s but also working through times of illness which can only impact their well being.  This means children are being raised by mothers who are often working under extremely stressful conditions, and when they get things wrong, people fail to remember this.

Why we live in a country that seems to make it all to easy for fathers to abandon their responsibilities.  Child Support doesn’t make a great father, emotional support does, and whilst mothers continue to play mommy and daddy, I question the well being of a generation raised in one parent families.  I could go on but I think thats enough to think about for now!


Muslim Jewish Forum Trailer


Short interview with Ruth Jacobs about an event coming up which aims to unite Muslims and Jews in a space on regular occasions.

Tune in this Thursday http://www.unityfm.net 5-6pm to find out what I found out in the interview!

Poetic Therapy


Poetic Therapy

I just got back from an amazing night of poetry @beatfreeks ‘level up’. Some parts made me smile, some parts made me sad as I was showered with a symphony of words that resonated with my soul.

I sat with pure admiration as various performers took to the stage and began gracing us with an orchestra of words leaving nothing but tantalising impacts as each sentence left the audience mesmerised.

I’ve only recently entered the world where words are transformed into personifications of an unspoken dialogue we aren’t usually met with on a day to day basis. The art of love, the grazes of love and the war of love all take part in this performance fuelled with nothing but passion.

Life has bestowed upon me many episodes which leave me empty or restless not knowing what or where to relieve these injustices, but today I felt resolve. Coming home fuelled with inspiration to begin releasing the stories that do not need answers, but are in need of acceptance.

Culture has imprisoned me for far too long, and the universe is calling. Watch this space!

This blog is dedicated to Beatfreeks for a fantastic night

Poetry is not just a bunch of words!

Was it because she was a BLACK Muslim?


Was it because she was a BLACK Muslim?

She was lying on her back in the middle of the pavement, dressed in her abayah and headscarf as usual, and all the Muslims walked past, observed her lying there, and then kept moving. Upset she screamed out, “if you aren’t going to help me then just keep on moving”! She happened to fall in front of a cashpoint, brothers with beards and thobes impatiently tried to find away to the cashpoint, some even considering to step over her!

This is what I learnt when I went to visit my dear sister yesterday, concerned that she had not been in touch with me. I was disgusted to learn sisters with niqaabs and many others continued to pass her and not tend to her.

The ambulance took 45 minutes to arrive, and in the end it wasn’t a MUSLIM that went to her rescue it was Black Non- Muslim. Other non-Muslims also aided her while she lay on the ground.

Very upset by this she relayed her story to me as I listened in disgust. “I don’t understand, I’m clearly dressed like a Muslim, so where were my brothers and sisters to help me when I lay there in the rain shivering in pain”. I really couldn’t say nothing as what seemed like a million thoughts raced through my head.

The sister observed that all of the Muslims that passed were Asian, and therefore she concluded that, “it must be because of my race, why else”?

I hope this blog reaches those that can remind our brothers in sisters in khutbahs and any other opportunity that Islam does not in any way so ever condone RACISM. Allah really knows best what happened!!

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.”
Quraan 49:13